Energy SavingIf you are looking to replace energy inefficient fluorescent or metal halide lights with the latest generation of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights then we can offer you not only the latest technology but also the highest quality of design and construction.

  • LED lighting can offer significant improvements in energy efficiency and far longer light life span.
  • A key advantage with LED's is the ability of near instantaneous on/off switching meaniung further energy savings when motion sensors are utilised in low occupatoion areas.
  • The far lower heat generation of LED lighting is critically important in low heat areas such as coldstores and also the inherent nature of LED lights are highly efficient in cooler operating environments.
  • LED lights as "solid state" devices are inherently strong and more resistant to accidental or other damage than the more fragile fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Many of our ranges feature 5 year guarantees based upon the 50,000 hours (equivalent to five and a half years if used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week) expectation of the LED lamps. However, even then, unlike conventional lights there is no catastrophic loss of operation beyond this point with rather a gradual decline in their light output.

Businesses, institutions and enterprises be they small or large need to clearly show they are supporting the move towards reducing the "carbon footprint".In addition the LED lamps themselves contain no hazardous halogen gases or mercury making disposal safer and cheaper.